Airport_Security_(131298863)Always pack plenty of supplies, in case there is no way to obtain them at your destination. If you are flying, pack them in two places, a checked bag and a carry-on bag. If you are driving, make sure that supplies aren’t left in a hot car. Be careful that the seatbelt is not directly over your stoma.

To help with questions that may arise at airport security, download the UOAA Travel Communication Card. Based on the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) rules regarding liquids and gels in carry-on baggage, you should be allowed to carry a tube of stoma paste and some barrier wipes, and you can pack as much as you like in checked baggage. You are also allowed to have metal scissors if the blade is 4 inches long or less, but pre-cutting your pouches at home will simplify this. You can learn more about what to expect at airport security from the TSA.