How noisy will my stoma be?

baby with noisy sound cancelling headphones

Before you had ostomy surgery, unless you were a miracle of science, you passed a little gas now and then. Now that your intestines are re-routed, you will still produce and pass gas but now it will come through your stoma. The filters on your ostomy pouches do a great job of keeping the odor contained, and there also are some strategies for camouflaging the sound. When you sense that you are about to pass some gas, press your forearm firmly but gently against your stoma. Very simple but very effective! You are likely to be much more sensitive to the rustling of your pouch or a little gas escaping from your stoma than anyone around you, even in a quiet room. If you are really concerned about being noisy, consider modifying your diet when you know you will be in a situation where muffling the sound will be challenging. Refer to the Food Reference Lists  for specific foods to avoid, and experiment to find out which ones are most problematic for you.

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