Other Pouching Products

In general, simple is better because the wafer or skin barrier is formulated to adhere to your clean bare skin. There are some situations where your ostomy nurse may recommend some products to help your pouch stay sealed more effectively.


Paste comes in a strip or tube or ring, but it all serves the same purpose: filling in some little nook or cranny (or skin fold) to make a flat surface so your pouch stays on better. (It’s like caulk for your body!) The paste in a tube contains alcohol and is sometimes a little irritating, depending on how sensitive your skin is. The paste barrier rings are especially convenient if your pre-cut barrier opening is a tiny bit too large for your stoma: stretch a ring to fit closely around your stoma and then apply your barrier. Voila! No skin shows.

Absorbent Packet

These little packets are an option to be dropped into your pouch if you have an ileostomy. They turn the liquid output into a gel so it doesn’t slosh around so much. This can help the skin barrier wafer last a little longer too.


Just to be clear, you won’t be surrounded by a cloud of odor because you have an ostomy. Adding a deodorant to the pouch is meant to help with odor when you are emptying the pouch, and some of them are also formulated with a lubricant to help formed stool slide out of the bag easier.

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive remover makes it easier to remove any residue left from tape or paste or the barrier itself. The most important thing to remember if you decide to use adhesive remover is to remove it thoroughly before you apply your new pouch.

Skin Sealant/Barrier Wipes

First of all, you probably don’t need to use a skin sealant wipe. The wafer is meant to adhere to your skin. Skin sealants are useful if you have irritated skin and need to “crust” or if you need to protect the part of your skin that is under the tape border.


Powder is a lifesaver when you have moist irritated skin to which you are trying to make a skin barrier stick. Sprinkle on some powder, brush off the excess and dab with skin sealant wipe. Let it dry, and repeat. When it is totally dry, you are ready to attach your pouching system.