A belt can be used with pouching systems that have loops, to help keep the pouch more secure. It should be snug but not tight. It’s a good idea to check the fit with your ostomy nurse.

Hernia Support Belt

A hernia belt is a 3″ to 9″ wide stretchable belt designed to support your abdomen. It has an opening for your stoma to allow the pouch to attach. Your ostomy nurse may recommend this for prevention, for example, if you have a chronic cough or weak abdominal muscles. These belts need to be specially fitted based on the size and location of the hernia, and the type of pouching system you wear.

Pouch Liner

A pouch liner is a small bag that is placed inside a two-piece system, and discarded when the pouch needs to be emptied. The pouch itself stays clean.

Pouch cover

Pouch covers serve several purposes. They can help absorb moisture if it is a problem where the pouch lies against your skin. They can also keep your pouch out of sight, if that’s important to you.


A specially designed cummerbund keeps the pouch from flapping around during participation in sports. Some people also like them for intimate moments, to keep the pouch secure and out of the way. Typically, you apply your pouch sideways to fit into the pocket of the belt. There are waterproof versions for swimming and water sports too.