Mission and Vision

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Mission:  Pocket WOC™ is the premier electronic resource for providing information to the new ostomate spanning diagnosis through recovery and adaptation, in an interactive and engaging format. We are the ostomate’s first choice for knowledge, reassurance and guidance.

Vision:  We educate, connect, and empower ostomates to go beyond coping to celebrating a life restored.

Pocket WOC™ recognizes the challenges faced by the new ostomate and seeks to minimize the impact that living with an ostomy can have on day-to-day life. We serve the ostomate by providing information and resources in a readily accessible way to permit the ostomate to focus not on what has been lost, but on what has been gained as a result of these transformative surgical procedures. We remember that fundamentally, the identity of no person should be defined in terms of his or her elimination needs. We believe that life after ostomy surgery should open possibilities for a fuller life and we strive to eliminate the perception of a stigma associated with having a stoma.