Showering, Swimming, Sports

bibYou can shower with your pouch on or off, just don’t let a forceful stream of water hit your stoma.

If your pouching system is wet after bathing or swimming, a hairdryer on the cool setting can help dry the tape and cloth backing of the pouch. You can also try wearing a terrycloth baby bib to keep the moisture from the back of the pouch off your skin. Don’t let the gas filter get wet though, because once it is wet, it won’t work again.

Most any athleticPortrait of Hispanic woman on bicycle pursuit you enjoyed before your ostomy surgery is still ok. You can swim, run, hike, bike and play just about any sport. Wearing compression-type sport shorts can help keep the pouch from flapping around. Do speak to your doctor first about participating in contact sports because your stoma will require protective equipment.

To handle excessive perspiration, try the “crusting” technique. Sprinkle some stoma powder on the skin around the stoma, and brush off the excess. Then gently pat with a barrier wipe. Let that dry, and apply your pouching system.

Man Swimming in Pool




If you plan on swimming, make sure you apply your pouch at least an hour beforehand so it has a chance to bond with your skin. There are also special waterproof cummerbund-type belts available for water sports. After you have been swimming or in a hot tub for a long time, the edges of your skin barrier may loosen. Check it regularly and be prepared with extra supplies. You might want to use waterproof tape around the edges of the skin barrier before water activities. If so, just leave it on afterwards so you don’t cause extra irritation to the skin, or accidentally pull off your skin barrier. If your skin is sensitive, you can use paper tape instead, but seal it with a skin sealant wipe.