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What do I do first?

StomaThe obvious question is, “What is a stoma?” A stoma is an opening that is surgically created at the surface of the abdomen by bringing the intestine through an incision. It is red and moist like the inside of your cheek. It is not sensitive to touch. Be assured that there are thousands of people happily living their lives after they had ostomy surgery to create the stoma. You’ll be one too!

Here are some easy steps to get you started:

  1. Know the details of the procedure that is planned for you. (Find the  name of your procedure in the menu above.)
  2. Make an appointment with an ostomy nurse so that the ideal spot for your stoma can be marked on your abdomen, and you can learn more about what to expect.
  3. Prepare by learning some of the basic skills you will need after surgery:
    • Emptying your pouch
    • Removing your pouch
    • Measuring and cutting the opening
    • Changing your pouching system
  4. Decide whom you would like to tell about your surgery.